Youth Tennis/Social Celebration at Cordillo Courts


The children and families at Cordillo Courts, along with NOC family and friends, made the day (April 22, 2018) extra special. There was much fun and laughter as people enjoyed abundant food, games, and music. Clearly, pizzas and cookies were favorites for the children. Dr. Sharma greeted the group and gave special thanks to Judy Blahut, Program Manager at Cordillo Courts and her team, Gerson and Consuelo, and to teachers and volunteers who participate in NOC’s learning program, including Bethany Battig Ramseur and students from Prep High School. Special tribute was given to St. Luke’s Church for making their facility available to NOC’s children and families to continue with their programs after May 14, for at least two years. Also, a special thanks was given to Providence Church and other community agencies for their support.

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The success of this event reflects the efforts of the entire HHI community. Other speakers were Steve Chisolm, Assistant Pastor, St. Luke’s Church, Dr. Bill Ward, Providence Church, and HH Mayor David Bennett. Also present were several NOC Board members and staff, David Ames, HHI Town Council member, and Tom Conner, community leader, who played a major role in negotiating the agreement with St. Luke’s Church. Special thanks also goes to the Italian American Club for their participation and support. Finally, the residents of Cordillo and Hedges made the event colorful and exciting.

All in all, a great day!




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