What is Our Future?

NOC Strategic Plan

Priorities for 2017-2018 are to :

  •  Broaden and deepen NOC’s outreach programs strategically in Beaufort County, targeting new low-income neighborhoods in Bluffton and Beaufort.
  • Redefine and build a more substantive partnership (including funding) with the Beaufort County School District and local schools to reduce the “achievement gap.”
  • Strengthen NOC’s geographical focus through advisory/working committees in Beaufort, Bluffton, and HHI for resource mobilization, marketing and branding, and constituency.
  • Increase NOC’s institutional capacity and capabilities by hiring an Executive Director (CEO) and Field Director (components of NOC’s succession plan), and by strengthening NOC’s Board with individuals who will help NOC accomplish its priorities.
  • Trademark and develop a framework, blue print, and documentation for replication of NOC’s model in Jasper County, other areas in South Carolina, and nationally.
  • Raise a million dollar over the next 12 months to implement NOC’s strategic priorities noted above.


Follow this link to read NOC’s full Strategic Plan for 2017-2018:

NOC Strategic Plan-2017-2018