NOC Business Model

We provide services directly inside the distressed neighborhoods.

Through its presence within targeted neighborhoods, NOC connects with, listens to, and involves people.Through its programs, NOC provides resources, services, technology, and know-how that empower the individual, the family, and the community.


Key Elements of the Model

    1. NOC brings resources, services, and technology into low income neighborhoods to create opportunities for people to achieve economic and social progress.


    1. Program centers within neighborhoods create opportunities for continuous learning through direct interventions and technology-based learning and allow for periodic health screenings within the neighborhood.


    1. A strong presence in the neighborhood is a necessary condition for building trust and stronger relationships with people and getting them involved.


    1. NOC works in partnerships with key entities such as the Beaufort County School District (BCSD), Beaufort County Library, Literacy Volunteers of the Lowcountry, the Beaufort Memorial Hospital, the Lions Club, Rotary Clubs, Churches, the Beaufort County ‘s Alliance for Human Services, and Non-profit organizations.


    1. Teachers and high school students, along with adult volunteers are the key to helping children learn.


    1. Technology (which provides instant access to a wide variety of learning tools, educational applications, and web-based content), combined with tutoring, improves standardized testing scores, testing at grade-level, and computer-based skills.


    1. Keeping the scale and scope of operation to 100 to 125 children within a neighborhood ensures optimum results in terms of student performance outcome.


    1. Focusing on good results (academic performance) and keeping implementing cost low are key dimensions for sustainability and replication of the NOC model.


NOC Reaching Out

    • Connecting with people – through a strong presence in low-income neighborhoods.


    • Fostering an enabling environment – by establishing program centers within neighborhoods as hubs to provide education, health services, and workforce development.


    • Empowering people – by bringing resources, services, and technology into the neighborhood.


    • Creating opportunities – through NOC’s program centers, technology, and education programs.


    • Enriching communities – by building a strong sense of community and personal responsibility.


    • Improving quality of life – through health screenings and health-related workshops conducted within the neighborhoods.


NOC’s Core Programs

  1. Preschool program (<5 yrs.)
    • After school tutoring and computer based learning
    • Parent education classes
    • Arts and music classes
    • Virtual summer learning program
  2. Health Services
    • Periodic health screenings in low-income neighborhoods
    • Adult and child health education classes
    • Aerobics Classes & Sports Programs — Community Led
  3. Workforce Development
    • English Classes
    • Public services workshops
  4. Community Connections
    • Social Events
    • Community Projects
    • Community Coalition Building