Special Visitor at Marsh Pointe

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It was truly a special day for the students at the NOC Marsh Pointe Learning Center as the kids and NOC team welcomed Petty Officer Asondre Boozer to the Center.  Asondre has been in the Navy for ten years and supports the Marine Corps Detachment medical and dental corps at Parris Island. He spoke with the students about growing up in Atlanta in housing similar to Marsh Pointe. He also told them about his love in elementary school for math and science. The kids introduced themselves and also shared their favorite subjects in school.  Asondre spoke about the value of education, strong character, and setting high goals. Since October is “anti-bullying” month, students had a great discussion about being “Upstanders.” There was time for the kids to ask questions, which ranged from “Why did you decide to join the Navy?” to “Who drives the boat at night?” and “Do you always sleep in bunk beds?” The students were curious and not at all shy.  The best part came when Asondre said he looks forward to returning to NOC and next time bringing some friends from the base. NOC would also love to host them at Parkview very soon.

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