Special Day of Connection at St Luke’s


Saturday, May 4, was a special day of celebration at St Luke’s Church in HHI.  We gathered to celebrate the Sisters of Charity Foundation and other funders (St Luke’s Church, Bargain Box, Long Cove Foundation, and Wexford Charity Foundation) who support NOC’s outreach programs to benefit the children and families of Cordillo, Hedges, and Woodhaven Apartments. The children were joined by many friends of NOC and caring neighbors from surrounding areas. Music and delicious food (some provided by parents) were enjoyed by everyone. Featured speakers, Mr. Tom Keith (President  & CEO of Sisters of Charity) and Rev. Greg Kronz (Pastor, St Luke’s) offered inspiring remarks of love, compassion, and faith. Susan, a student volunteer, spoke about the thrill and happiness she receives from her volunteer work at NOC’s learning center at St. Luke’s Church.  Additional remarks were made by Dr. Narendra Sharma, NOC Founder & Chair and Cynthia Jenkins, NOC Executive Director. Finally, entertainment was provided by some of the Cordillo Learning Center students.

It was truly an afternoon that connected people and caring neighbors.

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