NOC’s Happy Faces


As 2019 dawns, we want to remind you of the happy children who participate in NOC’s after school and summer learning programs. Rain or shine, these children come to NOC’s 6 learning centers in Beaufort County, SC., with smiling faces and a sense of anticipation.

These children look forward to spending time with teachers from their own schools, volunteers, and NOC field staff.  They enjoy a healthy snack before settling down to complete their homework and receive tutoring support from these caring people. The children have access to personal computers and the internet, as well as the skills and knowledge of the field team.

Many of these children appreciate that they can walk to their homes from the learning centers. Many enjoy meeting at least one of their parents, mostly mothers, after the session is over. The end of term is extra special, when children receive awards and completion certificates. The day is festive and children have fun.

We are proud of the progress these children are showing, and so are our funders and supporters. You, too, can share in this success by supporting NOC.

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