NOC’s Cordillo Program: A Special Thanks to Donors, Friends, and Volunteers

Cordillo students

On behalf of NOC-Cordillo, we want to express our deepest gratitude to the Sisters of Charity, Long Cove Community Foundation, Wexford Plantation Charitable Foundation, United Way of the Lowcountry, Bargain Box, St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, and Providence Presbyterian Church for their generous grants, as well as for donations from individuals that have allowed us to offer education and health programs in the Cordillo and Hedges communities.  It is an honor to assist the families that are so desperately underserved.

 This year has been filled with wonderful achievements that include all aspects of the NOC mission. We have worked hard with the community to maintain the public tennis courts.  We have taught the children the importance of maintaining their environment and caring for the Earth.  We work with the children daily to pick up trash in the community with the hope they will be good keepers of the Earth. This has trickled down to the parents and older children living in the community.  We have seen an improvement in the care of this public space.

We have worked hard to earn the trust of the community.  We have done this by wearing NOC t-shirts that let community members know we are in the neighborhood to serve the neighborhood.  We smile often and talk to anyone who will engage with us.  We have earned the acceptance and trust of the families we are serving.

We have watched the children in the learning center move from chaos to order.  They are working hard and positive results are showing in the latest test scores.  We are teaching them what it means to be good citizens.  They are learning peaceful conflict resolution and why education matters.

The parents of the children have been engaged by offering cleaning services at the learning center each Thursday, bringing snacks to the tennis courts and community gatherings, and helping us to keep an eye on the children during playtime.

Our volunteers and teachers have been key in our success. Students from Hilton Head Prep High School come each day to help. During playtime they play games with the children, and during work time they offer assistance with homework, reading, and math practice.  Our teachers from the public school have been hard working and consistent. They seem to experience much joy when they are working with the children in the learning center.

We have overcome challenges with the Cordillo Regime and we will continue to fight poverty and help all citizens in the community find the dream.  Without your generosity none of this would be possible. Your support means so much to these families. The work we are doing together is important and will help to change the world.

 Judy Blahut

Learning Center Manager, NOC-Cordillo