NOC’s Centurion Club Visits Sandbox Museum


Several NOC student tutors – Emma Stanton, Katy Hinton, Kristin Trusz, Hannah Brink, and, Keelin Sanz – organized a field trip to the Sandbox Museum for younger members of NOC’s Centurion Club.

The Sandbox is an “interactive” children’s museum that offers many hands-on experiences. The student tutors presented their idea to Roberta Foss, NOC volunteer and Learning Coordinator in HHI. They then approached the management of the museum and worked out a program for the NOC children, including a waiver of the entrance fees. They developed a detailed plan of activities at the museum, including a picnic lunch for the children. Roberta Foss and the student tutors led the group and the Boys and Girls Club provided a bus to transport the children to and from the museum, bringing them back to NOC’s Program Center at Oaks.



The end result was that children in Kindergarten to Grade 3 spent more than three hours at the museum where they had a great time. They participated enthusiastically in several activities, enjoying every moment that they spent there. They acquired new knowledge and enjoyed each other’s company in an environment with which they were not familiar. For many of the children, it was their first visit to the museum. On their return home, they were cheerful and anxious to recount their experiences with parents and friends.