NOC Supporters Call on the Town to Implement the Cordillo Tennis Project


Cordillo speakers

Five individuals (Bethany Ramseur, Judy Blahut, Consuelo Saldivar, Edwin Rivera, and Bo Gunlock) spoke at the May 22 HHI Town Council meeting on behalf of NOC regarding the proposed Cordillo Courts Project, which was recently unanimously approved by the HHI Town Council in a 7-0 vote.

Each spoke passionately about NOC’s outreach program at Cordillo Courts that was terminated May 15, 2018, in response to the demands of the Cordillo Board of Directors. They emphasized that NOC’s presence in the Cordillo neighborhood has helped many children and families through NOC’s education and health care programs over the past 4 years. They indicated that the interim solution developed with the generosity of St. Luke’s Church will provide a home for NOC’s programs and the children from Cordillo, Hedges, and Woodhaven for two years.

The speakers emphasized that a community building is an integral component of the Cordillo project and should not be less than 1,400 sq. ft., as originally planned for tennis instruction and community functions. The speakers also mentioned that the community center would be used by more than 20 community organizations and groups, including NOC, to serve the population of the south end of the Island. One speaker correctly stated that the NOC family is looking forward to returning to the neighborhood once the building is completed.

The Town must safeguard the interests of the entire HHI community over the interests of a small group of outside investors who are driven by narrow profit-making self-interest.