NOC Success Stories at St. Luke’s Learning Center


XIMENA has been attending NOC since the summer 2019 program when she was a Pre-Kinder student. She spoke very little English and was very shy. Ximena was having difficulty completing Pre-K level work as she did not know numbers, names of letters, colors or how to handle a book. The extra time spent at NOC programs has truly benefited Ximena as she has been able to work on the basic skills that set her up for success in Kindergarten. This year, Ximena is outgoing, social and speaks English very well. She excels in completing her work with Ms. Murray, taking her time to master needed skills. Ximena also exemplifies NOC values in showing kindness and respect toward others, focusing on her work, and being a good example to those around her.


Ximena: NOC is fun because we get to play games and color. I am learning a lot and like the teachers. I want to come every day, even on Friday. (The Center is closed on Fridays)

Isaura (mom): For me and my three children, NOC is a very important part in their education. NOC is helping them to develop skills that I cannot help them with. My children continue to learn new things every day that make them successful at school.

Cynthia (NOC teacher): Ximena started our program in the summer and had very little understanding of English. She now understands English very well and is able to speak it with greater fluency as her English vocabulary has grown. Ximena’s ability to follow directions for assignments has greatly improved. She is working very hard on her writing skills and has shown improvement in other areas as well.


JOSE started with our program in the Fall of 2019. He was well below grade level when compared with other 3rd graders. Jose had difficulties in both Spanish and English. After working in collaboration with his elementary school teacher, our teachers at NOC have been able to find ways to connect with Jose and help him to better understand his work. He used to become very frustrated while doing homework but has gained self-confidence. Jose continues to work hard, even when he feels the work is difficult. Jose was struggling with completing number order and last week he zoomed through three different assignments on this subject. His vocabulary and reading skills have also improved.


Jose: NOC means I get help with my homework and get to see my friends. My teacher at NOC helps me a lot.

Kenia (mom): I am Jose’s mom and I love the NOC program because they help my son on a daily basis with homework and reading.  I am very grateful for this site (Cordillo) because as an immigrant, it’s very hard to help my kids when I don’t even know English myself.

Paula (NOC teacher): When Jose started at NOC this fall, he was struggling with understanding English and got frustrated very easily. He would give up while doing his school work. Even with the fact that his family cannot help him learn English, he has continued to work hard at NOC. His reading comprehension and reading level have improved. Jose is a sweet boy who has worked hard to improve his English and his ability to read. Every day he does his best.