NOC Students Celebrate in HHI and Bluffton

cc2As children entered NOC’s Program Centers in HHI and Bluffton last
week, they knew that this was a special occasion. They came to celebrate their successful completion of NOC’s after school academic year that focused on mastering skills in math and language arts. The children worked diligently throughout the year and they looked forward to receiving a certificate recognizing their accomplishments.
The mood at both Centers was festive. The children were excited, teachers and volunteers were happy, and parents were proud of the children’s achievements. The children worked diligently throughout the year, sometimes even giving up snacks and play time with other children as they came faithfully to NOC’s Program Centers to complete their homework and participate in internet-based learning to enhance their academic skills.
Ordinarily, children look forward to a break from studies after completing a year-long program. But many NOC children actually seemed disappointed that there would be no classes until the summer session starts on June 10. The children are already looking forward to the Summer Virtual Learning Program that NOC will provide in partnership with the Beaufort County School District.

NOC is proud of these children and happy to be part of their lives as they grow and develop. NOC is making a difference in the lives of children living in low-income neighborhoods where opportunities are limited.