NOC Strengthening Partnership with Beaufort County School District, SC


On October 19, Dr. Herbert Berg, Interim Superintendent of BCSD, met with Dr. Narendra Sharma, NOC Founder & Chair, Corbin Stripling Director of Field Operations, and Daniel McKeown, Director of Development & Marketing,  to discuss NOC’s education program and  the significant achievement gap facing the BCSD. NOC presently serves more than 500 students through its 6 learning centers in Beaufort County. Its development approach and business model, using the public schools’ teachers and curriculum, as well as technology, is highly successful.

Daniel-Berg Corbin-Berg

Dr. Berg also visited NOC’s learning centers at Parkview and Marsh Pointe in downtown Beaufort and met children engaged in enrichment activities. NOC is making significant progress in improving children’s learning skills in math, reading, and language arts. Dr Berg and NOC staff agreed to convene a meeting involving senior staff to define a joint action plan. Dr. Sharma noted that a strong public/private partnership and strong support by parents, businesses, and the community are needed to overcome this achievement gap.

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