NOC Health Screening Reaches Many People

h2 Health screenings in Hilton Head and Bluffton served more than 130 people, both adults and children, during two events in May 2013. Many different organizations joined with NOC to make the screenings a big success.


  1. Beaufort Memorial Medical Bus provided two nurses who checked blood pressure, glucose levels, and PSA (prostate test).
  2. Ryan White Foundation conducted and processed free HIV tests and provided related information.
  3. Ronald McDonald Care Bus provided two technicians who did dental check-ups for children and gave out free toothbrushes.
  4. Volunteers In Medicine (VIM) send a representative who informed participants about the many services at VIM, with special emphasis on breast exams and mammograms. She also distributed pamphlets containing valuable health information.
  5. Select Health sent a representative who provided information about their organization and services. She distributed information about health and healthy living, prevention of child obesity, care of underweight babies.
  6. Pasos distributed free vitamins to women, information about classes and services they provide, and different pamphlets and information about healthy living and medical care.

In addition, two members of NOC’s Health Committee – Dan Clauer and Judy Tauscher – conducted Body Mass Indexing (BMI), weighing and measuring participants and giving them information about healthy weight. They also provided participants information about NOC’s Aerobics classes, conducted by Flor Mora, as a good way to achieve a healthy weight.
NOC has many stories to share from its community health outreach programs. One participant in this year’s program was Lorenzo, who came to have his glucose level and blood pressure checked (both were fine). Lorenzo first came to an NOC health screening two years ago, at which time he had the PSA test. When he received the test results by mail, he was advised to see a doctor immediately. He is now on medication and doing very well. Lorenzo is grateful to NOC for providing the free screening right in his local neighborhood. He had the test done only because it was free and convenient.

NOC is making a difference in people’s lives by bringing services and service providers right into the communities where the need is greatest. But these outreach programs are possible only because of the dedication and gift of time from volunteers and members of NOC’s Health Committee. For information on how you can become a part of this valuable program, contact NOC at 843-681-4100.