NOC Celebrates St. Patrick’s Day


NOC participated in Hilton Head Island’s 36th Annual St. Patrick’s Day Parade on Sunday, March 17, 2019.

It was not by chance that NOC was a huge success.  Nearly 75 individuals representing NOC participated in the parade, including students, parents, volunteers, and staff.  NOC took the opportunity to pass out t-shirts, book bags, and information about NOC.

The parade float was made possible by several individuals and businesses who donated money to cover the cost.  In addition, Lois Hassett donated the entrance fee to the parade.

NOC was fortunate to have DJ Mar ride along on the float.  He got the crowd pumped up with his awesome music selections.

Exposure from the parade has already resulted in an increase in Facebook “Likes” and Instagram “Engagements”!

NOC looks forward to participating in future community events.

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