HHIE and NOC Begin Saturday School—A New Innovation

The local school system is extending its Saturday learning program into selected neighborhoods, focusing on 3 sites (HH IB Elementary and NOC’s Learning Centers at Oaks and Cordillo).  Eventually 75 to 100 students are expected to participate in this program, which will take place on 7 Saturdays in March and April.

IB 1 (1)The brainchild of Sarah Owen, Principal, HHIB, this innovative program evolved from a series of meetings involving the HHIB Team and NOC Program Managers. The program provides academic support in reading, language arts, math, and test-taking skills required for the SC Ready and SC PASS tests. The first day (March 4, 2017) was highly successful. Students were enthusiastic and eager to get involved with the help of their teachers.


IB 2 (2)

C 7 (2) C 6 (2) C 3 (1)


O 2 (1)

Cordillo 1 (2)