Giving Spirit Brings Much Joy

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It is always uplifting to visit the after school programs at NOC’s neighborhood learning centers. The highlight of the day (November 7) was seeing the eager faces of children at the Oaks and Cordillo centers in Hilton Head Island.  These kids with their radiant smiles exuded confidence, discipline, and happiness. Even after a long, tiring day at school, these children were eager to spend an additional hour to finish their homework and sharpen their skills in math and reading, while having fun.

At the Oaks center Kerimy was awarded a bicycle thanks to a generous donation by Paula Fee, who has previously provided bicycles to NOC to be given to a student for outstanding performance. Kerimy received the bicycle because of her academic results, attendance, and hard work.

At the Cordillo center, it is not just the children who are students. A weekly computer class, led by Cristian, a high school student, has been started for mothers whose children are in NOC’s after school program.

Our special thanks to the generous donors and supporters who make these outcomes possible.

Oaks Learning Center

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Cordillo Learning Center

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