Exploitation of Under-served Neighborhoods in Hilton Head Island

WHHI-Logo-FINAL-In a recent interview with WHHI, Dr. Narendra Sharma, Founder & Chair, of Neighborhood Outreach Connection (NOC),  discussed negative changes occurring in neighborhoods  in  Hilton Head Island — neighborhoods that provide affordable housing for working families and retirees living on modest incomes.  He explained that this trend poses a serious threat to the local economy, future investments, and quality of life in HHI. The Island is already strained by the lack of affordable housing for the workforce that supports the service, construction, health, and domestic sectors. As the cost of living increases, retirees and working families are negatively affected. This in turn has a roll-over effect on the Island’s economy as the cost of services increases for all residents.

For further information listen to the following video interview: https://youtu.be/aqwuReDFQW8