Education, Health, and Workforce Development Data


22.1% of young people under 18 years of age in Beaufort County live below the poverty level.
52% of children in Beaufort County schools are eligible for free or reduced price lunches.

NOC’s education, health, and workforce development programs create pathways for economic and social progress


95% of pre-school age children in low-income neighborhoods in Beaufort County lack access to affordable early childhood education.

NOC’s pre-school classes focus on school readiness skills so that children are prepared when they enter school.

After- School Program

40% of “new majority” students (African Americans and Hispanics) are under- performing in public schools in Beaufort County; 44% of minority 3rd graders failed to meet standards in math; 28% failed to meet standards in Language Arts.

NOC’s afterschool program helps children master skills in math and language arts through tutoring, homework support, and internet-based learning.

Adult Education

90% of Hispanics in low-income neighborhoods in Beaufort County lack a working knowledge of English.

NOC provides adult classes within neighborhoods to help adults become functional in English language

Health Care

90% of people living in low-income neighborhoods in Beaufort County have no health insurance and lack access to health care.

NOC, in conjunction with Beaufort Memorial Hospital and VIM, has provided free health screening to more than 1,500 adults and children.

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