Children at Marsh Pointe and Parkview Excited about NOC Afterschool Program.

photo 1aThe week after Hurricane Irma passed by, NOC students from Beaufort Elementary School were successful in getting NOC to open the Beaufort centers mid-week, reversing NOC’s earlier decision to close for the entire week. These children are enthusiastic about coming to NOC’s Learning Centers at Marshpointe and Parkview, where they get help from dedicated public school teachers and have access to technology-based learning. Dr. Sharma, Founder and Chair of NOC, visited the two centers and encountered a group of happy children who were motivated by his brief talk on the importance of education and the core values of hard work, honesty, and respect. Program Manager John Leadem reported: “It was a very good visit by Dr. Sharma and the kids were especially excited. We had a very spirited and engaged group of students. I know the kids really appreciated the visit, the cookies, and the backpacks that he brought.  All in all, a great visit!”

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