Workforce Development

NOC Supports Social Entrepreneurship

Since its beginning in 2008, NOC has focused on empowering communities through education, healthcare, and workforce development. Through centralized efforts in an “inside-out” transformation, NOC has innovated the way both its supporters and community members see aid and development. The…

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Window of Opportunity for Adults in Low-Income Neighborhoods

In response to high demand by residents in some low-income neighborhoods, NOC has opened a window of opportunity for women and men who, because of lack of transportation or lack of time, are unable to attend English classes offered by…

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NOC’s Summer Virtual Learning in High Demand

NOC launched its Summer Virtual Learning Program on June 10, 2013, in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, a week prior to the   Beaufort County School District’s (BCSD) formal opening. With three years of experience, NOC wanted to give its students…

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NOC Students Celebrate in HHI and Bluffton

As children entered NOC’s Program Centers in HHI and Bluffton last
week, they knew that this was a special occasion. They came to celebrate their successful completion of NOC’s after school academic year that focused on mastering skills in math…

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