NOC's Environmental Warriors

Recently, an owner and resident of the Oaks Apartments in Hilton Head made the following observation about the NOC children at the Oaks Learning Center: “I happened to look out my window at our dirt landscaping and this is what

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Giving Spirit Brings Much Joy

It is always uplifting to visit the after school programs at NOC’s neighborhood learning centers. The highlight of the day (November 7) was seeing the eager faces of children at the Oaks and Cordillo centers in Hilton Head Island.  These

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This is indeed a special day for us as we celebrate NOC’s 10-year anniversary.
There is much to be proud of because we are making a difference in the lives of many children and families. We are creating opportunities

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NOC Enrichment Day at Marsh Pointe

Thursday, August 1, was a beautiful day for the children and families at NOC’s Marsh Pointe Learning Center as they celebrated the successful end of the summer program. The NOC field team, together with the Burton Fire Department and the

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Special Day of Connection at St Luke’s

Saturday, May 4, was a special day of celebration at St Luke’s Church in HHI.  We gathered to celebrate the Sisters of Charity Foundation and other funders (St Luke’s Church, Bargain Box, Long Cove Foundation, and Wexford Charity Foundation) who

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Gary Tauscher Recognized for Distinguished Service to NOC

Gary Tauscher was recognized on March 20, 2019 by NOC’s Board of Directors and senior staff for his distinguished service to the organization.  Gary served as an NOC Board Director for 5 years.  During this time, he served as Chair

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NOC’s Happy Faces

As 2019 dawns, we want to remind you of the happy children who participate in NOC’s after school and summer learning programs. Rain or shine, these children come to NOC’s 6 learning centers in Beaufort County, SC., with smiling faces

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NOC Welcomes New Executive Director

After 10 years, NOC is poised to increase its impact in low income neighborhoods, both locally and nationally, as we ring in 2019.  In recent years, we have successfully served over 500 children annually in our Learning Centers, hosted health

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Get to Know NOC's Administrative Staff

Over the past ten years, NOC has grown from one small class with five students to six centers spread across Beaufort County serving more than 500 students. Such growth does not happen without a strong administrative foundation.
 Corbin Stripling… (right)

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NOC Success Story

An Interview with Laura Hernandez, Hilton Head High IB Diploma Candidate, Former NOC Student, Resident of the Oaks
By: Ella Patrick, NOC 2018 Program Assistant
Laura Hernandez is a bright, passionate, funny, and well-spoken resident of the Oaks community, located…

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