Caring Neighbor

image1NOC’s slogan is: “Be a caring neighbor …” Since its inception, NOC has witnessed many examples of caring neighbors within its targeted neighborhoods as well as in other gated and non-gated communities. A great example is Angel … who attends NOC’s English class and is always ready to help. Recently, Angel woke up early, went to his construction job in Bluffton, and later in the afternoon, after a hard day’s work, came to NOC’s Program Center at Oaks, where he help clean the enclosed courtyards in two of the three apartments that NOC uses for its outreach program. It was dreary and muggy outside, a day that might have been spent at a leisurely pace in a cool environment, or even taking a siesta in the afternoon, but Angel worked hard to complete his task in a professional way. As he left, he said that he felt good that he had done something worthwhile to help others in the Oaks complex.

There are many Angels out there who are willing to help in their quiet way without fanfare or publicity. NOC owes these dedicated people a big “thank you”!
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