Bluffton Program Center Faces Uncertain Future

Public concern about the future of NOC’s Program Center, located at Bluffton House, continues to rise.

Island Packet’s November 12th editorial says community must help NOC remain at Bluffton House:

Bluffton Today issues a “dart” in early November to Aspen Square,owner of Bluffton House for wanting NOC out of its apartment complex:

Bluffton Today carries front page story on delivery of petition to Aspen Square:

Island Packet runs story and video on Bluffton residents and NOC students delivering petition to Aspen Square Management, owners of Bluffton House:

On October 30, 2013, Bluffton House residents deliver petition signed by more than 220 people to Aspen Square Management, owner of Bluffton House. The petition asks that NOC be allowed to remain at Bluffton House. Also presented to the local management office, notes from the children and a letter written by NOC Founder and Board Chair, Dr. Narendra Sharma to Harold Grinspoon.
Savannah CBS Affiliate WTOC coverage:

WSAV, NBC affiliate in Savannah, airs follow-up news coverage of NOC at Bluffton House on September 3, 2013:

Bluffton Today issues a “dart” to Aspen Square in late August, owner of Bluffton House for asking NOC to leave:

Bluffton Today prints follow-up article on NOC at Bluffton house in August:

The Island Packet updates it’s story on NOC and Bluffton House:

Island Packet Letter to the Editor from Board Member Joan Deery:

WTOC, the CBS affiliate in Savannah on NOC’s situation at Bluffton House, August 6, 2013:…

Island Packet Story on NOC at Bluffton House, August 2, 2013:

WHHI-TV’s Bluffton News on NOC at Bluffton House, July 29,2013

WHHI-TV’s interview with founder and board Chair Dr. Narendra Sharma, July 29, 2013:

Bluffton Today article on NOC at Bluffton House, July 24, 2013:


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