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NOC’s Summer Virtual Learning in High Demand

NOC launched its Summer Virtual Learning Program on June 10, 2013, in Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, a week prior to the   Beaufort County School District’s (BCSD) formal opening. With three years of experience, NOC wanted to give its students…

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NOC Summer Program Coordinator in Hilton Head Island

Emily Blackshire shows enormous commitment, dedication, and compassion as she helps others through community service. She first came to NOC in 2010 as a high school tutor while she was completing her studies at Hilton Head Prep. Emily quickly connected…

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Fire Truck and Ambulance Popular with NOC Children

On June 21, when the children at the Oaks Apartments woke up, they were excited and looking forward to spending time with people from the Hilton Head Fire Department, who have the reputation for entertaining kids while teaching them about…

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