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NOC Welcomes VanLandingham Board Members at Reception

Neighborhood Outreach Connection (NOC) extends a special thanks to those Board members of the VanLandingham Rotary Club (VLRC) who attended a reception at NOC’s new Virtual Learning Center at The Oaks, which was funded by a recent grant of $75,000…

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Message from NOC’s Children

Thank You VanLandingham for Your Generosity
“We are excited about our new Virtual Learning Center,” Laura and Kimberly remarked on behalf of the NOC children. “This is a great opportunity for us … we will have access to computers and…

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Culture and Art Program Popular with Pre-schoolers

NOC has introduced music to the pre-school program in HHI and Bluffton.
This program started off on a small scale and has grown in popularity among pre-schoolers, as well as moms. Children get totally mesmerized by the music and dance…

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Bluffton Teachers Brainstorm at NOC Program Center

Teachers are working diligently with NOC’s field team to making learning more effective and results-oriented in NOC’s Program Centers. 
Recently, teachers met at NOC’s Program Center in Bluffton to develop an action plan to strengthen NOC’s after school learning program,…

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Beach City Health & Fitness Fund Raiser a Big Success

Neighborhood Outreach Connection thanks Beach City Health & Fitness for their support of NOC’s outreach programs.
Owners Don and Sarah Fox, together with trainers (April, Christina, Dawn, Donna, Kathy, Kristen, Lindy, Shelby, and Tanika) and members of Beach City Health…

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